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Learning objectives:

The Club Diver Class is a 3 day long class which introduces the diver to the world of SCUBA diving. The class is aimed mainly at those wishing to try SCUBA diving before committing to a full Open Water Diver class, or at vacationers wanting to take a short class in which they can discover the wonders of the underwater realm. Additionally, divers who have begun their open water training, have been unable to complete the class for various reasons, but have met all the requirements for the Club Diver certification, may receive this certification. They may also fulfill the Open Water (One Star) Diver requirements at a later date.

After certification, divers may dive as part of a group under the supervision of a dive instructor, and can, should they wish to, complete their Open Water Diver training and certification.

The class teaches and explains the effects of the underwater environment on the diver, and instills the basic guidelines and proper techniques for these surroundings, which will enable the diver to perform safe and enjoyable dives as part of a group under the supervision of a dive instructor.


  1. A minimum age of 12 years at start of the class (divers under 18 must obtain parental permission)
  2. Signed declaration of good health (divers under 18 must obtain parental signature)
  3. Successfully pass the entrance exam (100 meter swim, keeping afloat without arm movement, more)

In-water portion:

Three modules which include:

  • One pool or protected water dive
  • Two open water dives

Academic portion:

Includes the following topics:

  1. The new environment.
  2. Basic guidelines for the underwater environment.
  3. Dive equipment – use, choosing gear, evaluation and maintenance.
  4. Final knowledge exam.


The diver will be certified only after meeting all the practical requirements of the class, passing the final knowledge exam, and receiving the signature of the instructor.


May dive to a maximum depth of up to 12 meters. May join an Open Water Diver class (for the open water dives module) up to 3 months after completion of the class, or after a refresher and skills appraisal dive.


May dive only as part of a group of up to 6 divers under the supervision of a dive instructor.