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תעודת צולל שני כוכבים 


Learning objectives:

To enhance build the diver’s techniques and abilities to deal with various situations underwater, to allow

further evolution of the diver’s in-water and academic knowledge base, and advance the assessment,

analysis and decision-making capabilities of the diver on any given dive.



  1. One Star Diver certification / Junior SCUBA Diver at a minimum age of 15
  2. A minimum age of 15 years at start of the class (divers under 18 must obtain parental permission)
  3. Signed declaration of good health.
  4. Valid dive insurance.
  5. Successfully pass a refresher dive if 6 months or more have lapsed since previous dive.

Class structure:

The class is centered around gaining in-water experience (6 dives) . For each topic there is a preceding

academic module which serves as an introduction to the hands-on, in-water session.


Class topics:

1. The diver and the underwater environment.

2. Dive planning (Picking a dive site and planning the dive route, taking into account sea conditions,

    no decompression limits and air consumption times).

3. Navigation (using a compass and natural landmarks).

4. Night diving.

5. Deep diving 24 m – 30 m.

6. Assisting a diver in distress.

7.UW Search Techniques.

8.Dive Computers.

9. Nitrox.


Class length:

2 days.



  1. Must meet all the practical requirements of the class and be signed off by the instructor.
  2. Must successfully pass the final knowledge exam.

Qualifications and limitations:

Qualified to dive to a maximum depth of up to 30 meters with a dive buddy of similar or more advanced certification.

May accompany a One Star certified diver (One Star Diver depth limits apply).


In conclusion:

This class is aimed at giving the diver who is just starting out a wider perspective on diving and enabling

them to use correct judgement and make appropriate decisions underwater. This enhances both the safety

and enjoyment levels of the dive.


Junior Two Star SCUBA Diver:

A diver which has successfully passed the Junior SCUBA Diver certification and is under 15 years of age may

participate in all modules of the class except deep diving, which they may complete after turning 15.

When certified, they may dive to a maximum depth of 20 m accompanied by an adult (21 year old) dive

buddy certified to at least Two Star Diver level.