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Instructor Development Courses

Assistant Instructor ISO 24802-1
Assistant Instructor   ISO 24802-1
The Assistant Instructor class provides a gateway to the world of dive instruction. In this class the diver receives the basic tools for conducting a dive briefing, and is certified to perform refresher dives and introduction dives within a dive shop or dive club. The TIDF Assistant Instructor rating is unique in that in addition to certifying the Assistant Instructor to perform refresher and introduction dives, the Assistant Instructor is also certified to carry out the in-water modules of the TIDF Two Star (Advanced Open Water) class.
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Diving Instructor ISO 24802-2
Diving Instructor   ISO 24802-2
TIDF Diving Instructor course is the most comprehensive, professional and thorough. The course prepares the instructor in teaching water skills and classroom lessons. The methodology of the course is of the highest standard, and the participants in the course are also enriched with Diving knowledge and the highest level of diving performance.
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