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The Master Diver certification level is intended for experienced Two Star divers who would like to advance as divers, but are not interested in being trained as Dive Masters and leading dives. The class includes the Deep Diving Specialty, the First Aid and Oxygen Provider Specialty, and expanding the diver’s knowledge base on the topics of the physics and physiology of diving and decompression illness.


Learning objectives

  1. To enhance the diver’s skills and abilities, bringing them to a higher level.
  2. To enrich the diver’s theoretical knowledge.
  3. To develop dive planning skills and the ability to carry out the dive plan in various environmental conditions.
  4. To provide the diver with the ability to dive to changing depths, through meticulous planning and attention to safety.
  5. Instill in the diver analysis and problem solving skills underwater in changing circumstance.


  1. Two Star certified diver with a minimum of 40 logged dives.
  2. Signed declaration of good health.
  3. Successfully pass a checkout and evaluation dive.

Class structure

The class begins with a checkout and evaluation dive which will determine if the divers meets the class prerequisites, or may otherwise need to improve their basic skills before joining the class.

The in-water portion of the class is focused on emergency and rescue drills and familiarizations with the parameters of deep diving to depths of up to 42 msw. The in-water drills are combined with one another, and are intended to afford the student the ability to cope with different circumstance and assess, analyze and solve problems as they occur.

The academic part of the class expands the student’s knowledge base on the theory of diving.

The class comprises several specialties:

  • Rescue
  • Oxygen treatment, CPR and first aid provider
  • Deep diving to 42 msw
  • Navigation
  • Survey and salvage
  • Seamanship for divers, boat diving
  • Enrichment lessons covering the following topics:
    • Dive gear
    • The physics and physiology of diving


May dive to 42 msw (without decompression stops) with a dive buddy of equivalent or superior certification level.