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TIDF Complying with ISO Standards

The Israeli Diving Federation courses are certified as compliant with ISO standards for Recreational Diving Services

In early 2012, the Israeli Diving Federation (TIDF) decided that it was appropriate to conduct a quality test for the organization by external and independent reviewers.

The TIDF invites auditors from the Austrian Standards Institute to carry out an audit review according to the  International Standards Organization - ISO

In recent years, ISO has established international standards that define:

  • Five Diving Standards.
  • Two standards for diving training.
  • Diving service providers.

 ISO Reference

ISO Title

TIDF Equivalent

ISO 11121

Introductory training programs to scuba diving

Introduction for diving

ISO 24801-1

Diver Level 1 - Supervised Diver

Club diver

ISO 24801-2

Diver Level 2 - Autonomous Diver

One stsr diver – open water diver

ISO 24801-3

Diver Level 3 - Diver Leader

3 stars diver - DiveMaster

ISO 11107

Training programs on enriched air nitrox diving

Nitrox diver

ISO 24802-1

Instructor Level 1

Assistant Instructor

ISO 24802-2

Instructor Level 2

Diving instructor

ISO 24803

Recreational scuba diving service providers

Dive center


A diver who has successfully passed a TIDF Diving Course can be proud of meeting the highest standards set in the world.


At the end of 2012, the first audit was conducted by two auditors, members of the Austrian Standards Institute representing the of European Underwater Federation – EUF, which over the course of a week examined the training systems, the means and the training methods and found that the Israeli Diving Federation complies with ISO standards.Along with receiving the certification, the Israeli Diving Federation joined the EUF and its representatives participate in conferences and discussions in which standards are written and conducted worldwide.


Five years after the first ISO audit passed successfully, in November 2017 auditor from the Austrian Standards Institute renewe our ISO certification 




Pictured: Dr Peter Jonas of the Austrian Standards Institute and Mark Caney President of the European Underwater Federation give the ISO standard certification to the association's chairman, Dror Bloch and Dr Boaz Meisel, at the EUF conference in Vienna.