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תעודת צולל כוכב אחד תעודת צולל כוכב אחד - גירסה חדשה


Learning objectives:

The One Star Diver class teaches the effects of the underwater environment on the human body, and instills in the diver the correct guidelines and proper techniques for the aquatic realm, which will enable them to perform safe and enjoyable dives.



  1. A minimum age of 12 years at start of the class (divers under 18 must obtain parental permission)
  2. Signed declaration of good health.
  3. Successfully pass the entrance exam.

Class structure:

The class comprises two integrated parts: academic classroom instruction and in-water instruction. The class runs 5 days.


In-water instruction:

Includes 10 Dives according to the following division:

  • One skin-diving session (snorkel, mask, fins) in a pool or confined waters. Optional but highly recommended!
  • 3 pool or confined water SCUBA dives (max depth 3 m)
  • 6 open water SCUBA dives (max depth 20 m)

Academic portion:

The academic portion of the class includes the following topics:

  1. The new environment.
  2. The human respiratory system and the effects of the underwater environment on it.
  3. Guidelines and techniques for the aquatic realm.
  4. Dive equipment - use, choosing gear, evaluation and maintenance.
  5. Dive planning and using decompression tables.
  6. Diving hazards – identification, treatment, prevention.
  7. Emergencies and CPR.
  8. Marine plant and animal life and protecting the underwater environment.
  9. Advancement tracks and additional classes.
  10. Final knowledge exam.


The diver will be certified only after meeting all the practical requirements of the class, passing the final knowledge exam, and receiving the signature of the instructor.



Qualified to dive to a maximum depth of up to 20 meters.



Must dive with a dive buddy certified to at least Two Star Diver level. Must be equipped with all mandatory dive equipment.


Junior SCUBA diver:

Junior divers (under the age of 15) may dive accompanied by an adult (21 year old) dive buddy certified to at least Two Star Diver level, to a maximum depth of 20 m.