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The Divemaster certification level is intended to bring the diver to a high level of proficiency, in both skills and knowledge.

Upon its completion the diver will have acquired the abilities to deal with the majority of diving scenarios, as well exercise sound judgment in dynamic situations. These abilities allow the diver to assume responsibility guiding a group of (certified) divers, and place the diver in an ideal starting point for instructor training.

The Divemaster qualification process comprises two parts:

a set of professionally-oriented specialties aimed at improving the diver’s personal abilities; and instilling the basis for guiding diver groups and assuming responsibility for other divers, while providing a personal example through professional conduct and the safeguarding of ecological values.

The class is structured to allow maximum flexibility, offering either a continuous or modular training process.


Learning objectives

  1. Enhance the diver’s skills and abilities, bringing them to the highest level.
  2. Enrich the diver’s theoretical knowledge, bringing them up to instructor-level expertise.
  3. Instill leadership skills
  4. Introduce the diver to the basics of guiding diver groups.
  5. Develop dive planning skills applicable to various sea conditions and diver proficiency levels.
  6. Develop the diver’s problem solving and analysis skills underwater, under dynamic and changing circumstance.


  1. Certified as a Two Star diver or equivalent.
  2. A minimum age of 16 years at start of the class (divers under 18 must obtain parental permission).
  3. Signed declaration of good health.
  4. Hold valid insurance.
  5. Have logged a minimum of 40 dives since achieving two star qualification.

Class structure

The in-water portion of the class is focused on emergency drills, on guiding groups of certified divers,  and familiarizations with the parameters of deep diving to depths of up to 42 msw.

The in-water drills are combined with one another, and are intended to afford the student the ability to cope with different circumstance and asses, analyze and solve problems as they occur.

The academic part of the class expands the student’s knowledge base on the theory of diving, bringing them up to instructor-level expertise. 



  1. May guide groups of certified divers.
  2. May assist a certified instructor during class, with an instructor-to-diver ratio of no more than 8:1.
  3. May dive to 42 msw, accompanied by a diver of Three Star or superior certification level.