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Diving Instructor ISO 24802-2

תעודת מדריך - גירסה חדשה


Learning objectives

  1. Provide an advanced knowledge of dive instruction.
  2. Complete the instructor candidate’s education to the highest level
  3. Instill in the candidate a sense of responsibility and a commitment to professional and ethical conduct.
  4. Safety education by way of setting a personal example.
  5. Participate in the advancement of recreational diving.

Class prerequisites

  1. Must be a minimum age of 21 at the start of the class.
  2. Must hold a valid health check-up.
  3. Must hold a valid TIDF membership.
  4. Must have met all pre-class training requirements and submitted a signed pre-class training form.
  5. Must be approved by the TIDF training committee.
  6. Must have a minimum of 120 logged dives.
  7. Must have held a valid dive certification for at least one year prior to the class.


Instructor exams prerequisites

  1. Successfully passed Instructor Training and received Training Director’s signature.
  2. Has completed the Instructor Training in one year or less.
  3. May register for two Instructor Exams periods without re-taking the Instructor Training class if less than one year has passed since completion of the Instructor Training.
  4. An instructor candidate who fails to meet one of the three criteria above must re-take Instructor Training.

Instructor exams Certification requirements

Has successfully passed the Instructor Exams.


Certification limits:

  1. All certifications are valid only when working within a TIDF-certified dive shop / dive club.
  2. May instruct the TIDF Divemaster class and conduct Instructor Exams only under the supervision of TIDF Senior Instructor.

Certification and limits:

  1. May teach academic classroom modules at any level.
  2. May conduct in-water skills modules at any level.
  3. May instruct up to 6 students in One Star (Open Water) and Two Star (Advanced Open Water) Courses.
  4. May instruct up to 10 students in One Star (Open Water) and Two Star (Advanced Open Water) Courses with an Assistant Instructor present.
  5. May instruct up to 8 students in Two Star (Advanced Open Water) Courses with a Divemaster present.
  6. May certify divers up to and including Two Star(Advanced Open Water) level, including Specialty Classes.
  7. May manage a TIDF-certified dive school.
  8. May participate as training staff in all levels as per guidelines set by the Training Committee.
  9. May teach required and optional Divemaster Training Specialty Classes.
  10. May perform checkout dives with an instructor-to-diver ration of 6:1.
  11. All Assistant Instructor certifications.