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diving Instructor Trainer

The diving Instructor Trainer, trains & prepares candidates for the TIDF Instructor Evaluation Exems.

In this framework, he will accompany the candidates in all stages of the training, to become a dive instructor - delivering theory lessons, dive briefings and in-water presentations and skills and will be a role model for the diving instructors he will certify.


The course's goal:

  • Expanding knowledge on training methodology issues.
  • provides in-depth knowledge of the instructor development process and of the TIDF training methodology.
  • Expanding personal capacity in the quality of practical training.
  • Developing the ability to impart knowledge, technique and a training approach to training candidatesץ

 Course requirements:

  • Certified instructor active in The Israeli Diving Federation.
  • Certified at least 200 divers
  • Serves as a diving instructor for at least two years since his certification.
  • Received a recommendation from a diving center manager  or from  the TIDF training director.

Course Structure and Duration:

You can do an internship or a course

  • Internship:
    The instructor will join instructor/assistant instructor courses as an observer and will then take an active part in delivering the course under the supervision of senior instructor. Later he will deliver a course by himself under supervision. The internship will include no less than 2 full instructor's courses.
  • Course:
    The Instructor Trainer course lasts 4-5 days, during which the instructors are taught the principles and tools of assessment and scoring, and simulations of water lessons and classrooms are held, in which the instructors practice the principles and tools of proper assessment and grading and the correct methods for providing feedback to students.
    as part of the certification process, the Instructor Trainer must join at least one instructor course as a mandatory requirement for his certification.