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The Rescue Diver course is aimed at the diver who wants to acquire what are considered to be

the most important skills in recreational diving.

The Rescue Diver is a diver who is able to assist their fellow divers and is able to cope with

emergency situations in diving, and beyond.

In addition to academic and in-water sessions, the students will become proficient in First Aid

and CPR for injured divers.


Learning objectives


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to identify and asses emergency situations

while diving, assist themselves in an emergency (self-rescue), assist a panicked diver without

incurring harm to themselves, rescue an unconscious diver, perform CPR and administer oxygen.


Class duration

Two days


Class topics:

  1. Emergencies during diving – classroom session.
  2. Self-rescue – practical drills.
  3. CPR – practical drills.
  4. Administering oxygen – practical drills.
  5. Assisting a panicked diver – practical drills.
  6. Rescuing an unconscious diver – practical drills.
  7. Missing diver – classroom session and practical drills.


Certified as a Two Star diver or equivalent.



For further reading see the excellent article “Help” by Liron Tirosh (in Hebrew).