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As experienced divers we know well what peace and calm and relief from high stress and tension can be found underwater.
This is what has led the community of divers in Israel, headed by the Israel Diving Federation, to harness all its resources to offer whatever succor possible to those who have suffered so horrendously at the hands of the Hamas terrorist attacks of October 7th and after, on their communities.
We offer a wide variety of programs, tailored to the needs of children, youth and adults of all ages.  They include introductory drives, diving courses, treatment for PSD and snorkeling.  There is a steady and growing demand for all these services, provided at (little or) no cost to their recipients, from those who have been evacuated to temporary accommodation from their damaged or destroyed homes.
We turn to you, the diving community, to help us to maintain and expand our activities that bring so much comfort.
Thank you so much for your contribution, large or small.

The Israeli Diving Federation (TIDF) is a non-governmental/Non-profit organization