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With your help we will be able to set an underwater exhibit in Eilat- as a message against violence

The Essence of the Project

Establishing an underwater exhibit underscoring the fight against violence against women, inspired by the paintings of the late Maya Wisniak - to be called "Waves of Maya".



In 2020, 25 women were murdered in Israel, with the youngest being only 19 years old. Among those murdered in 2020 was the late Maya Wisniak, a 21-year-old woman who, according to the indictment, was strangled to death by her boyfriend on 16.5.20.

Maya was a talented young woman, a gifted student, painter, jeweler, played a number of instruments, and a scuba diver. She was full of dreams and plans that were cut short by her shocking murder.


Who is behind the project?

We are a group of diving instructors, friends of Ariel, Maya's father, who is also a diving instructor.

We all knew Maya personally for many years, and were privileged to enjoy her company above and below water.

Following Maya's murder, we decided to act and create an exhibition that would raise awareness of the issue of violence against women and raise a cry for those whose voices can no longer be heard, and for those who live their lives under a daily threat of violence.



The Project

On November 25, 2020, on the International day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we established a temporary underwater exhibition that was set up in Eilat, in the Red Sea.

This event was launched under the title "Divers Against Violence", sponsored by the Israeli Diving Federation, which came together to help and carry out this project.

The exhibit included plaques with the names and photos of all the women murdered in Israel over the past year, which were placed underwater. At the end of the day the signs were collected and taken out of the sea.

This time, the project is designed to stay underwater.

The exhibit will be installed on one of the "balconies" surrounding the pillars on the northern pier of the Katza beach in Eilat, as part of a scientific experiment to encourage animal settlement in sea. The site, with pieces of the exhibit at varying depths, will be accessible to both swimmers and scuba divers.


The Art Work

The exhibition is a ceramic work of about 10-11 "waves" inspired by a painting by the late Maya Wisniak, designed and produced by ceramic artist Ruth Hazi.

The complete work consists of ceramic waves placed on a ring, which will be assembled in the water around one of the balconies installed on the pillars of the northern pier in the Katza area, effectively creating an artificial reef which will help promote coral growth.

We are hoping a sign will be installed around the ring explaining the essence of the art work - the fight for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.


Ongoing research in Katza pillars - photographer: Arik Zinger.



 an example of a single "wave" - Ruth Hazi





How can you help?

The establishment of the project requires the production of the ceramic waves, the production of the sign and the installation of the exhibit by a professional team in a safe manner underwater.

In order for us to fund the performance, we must raise a sum of 35,000 NIS!

On the anniversary of Maya's death, we launched a mass funding campaign to raise the necessary amount, under the auspices of the Israeli Diving Association and with the support of a number of organizations and associations.

Any donation you can make will help bring us closer to the goal!

The Israel Diving Federation has an income tax certificate for donations.



  Thanks to you, Maya's waves will keep on hitting and making a difference